Outdoor Enclosures

Our products are built to install without using tools. Each product snaps or overlaps together to create one seamless product. As a result our products are very easy to install, easy to adjust, and look great! The aluminum track is designed with a continuous running top slider. A connection to the ceiling can be made at any point along the track.
1. Polar Cap:
The polar cap is a flat roof system that attaches to the top of the racks and forms a ceiling that prevents hot and cold air from mixing. The most unique aspect of the system is THE RETRACTABLE ROOF. The roof is designed to retract into a metal cassette should a fire suppression event occur. In this way the sprinkler pattern is not interrupted. Likewise the fire resistant clear vinyl material is no longer exposed open to the fire.
It can be fitted with 2 types of suppression links:
1. Thermal links melt and release the vinyl sliders should the temperature go beyond the level that the sprinkler system is activated.
2. Electric links are wired to the smoke detector system. Should the fire detector alarm, it will send a low voltage electrical signal to the thermal links and releases the retractable vinyl roof. 
Both links will ensure that the roof will retract into the metal cassette. The fire suppression sprinkler pattern will not be interrupted.
It comes in lengths up to 20 feet. Multiple retractable roofs can be used to span as long a row as required. The cassette comes in widths up to 78 inches. 
2. Rack Hat:
The Rack Hat containment system separates hot and cold airflow by partitions mounted from the drop-ceiling grid. The partitions form a rectangle around the aisle. Aluminum tracks are mounted to the drop-ceiling grid as a means to attach a drop down material. Fire resistant clear vinyl or FM 4910 listed material is hung from the aluminum track. The drop-down material hangs down from the aluminum track to the top of the rack, which forms a barrier between hot and cold airflow.
The aluminum track is connected to the ceiling with three links: a 360° sliding ball, a thermal link and a twist ceiling grid attachment. The fire resistant vinyl drop-down material overlaps where the aluminum track is connected to create one continuous partition. The aluminum track is design with a continuous running top slider so that a connection to the ceiling can be made at any point along the track. The aluminum track is designed to link together with a center splicer so as to create one continuous track system.
The Rack Hat is a MODULAR ASSEMBLY SYSTEM that ships in standard sized kits. Each kit comes with all the material necessary to cover a specific area. Kits have two important measurements:
Linear Feet Length of aluminum track that attaches to the ceiling grid.
Drop down inches length of fire resistant vinyl that drops from the aluminum track to the top of the rack.
Each kit connects together with both an aluminum splicer and a 1-inch vinyl overlap. Drop down lengths range from24 inches to well over 10 feet.
  •  Length of aluminum track
  • One connecting splicer
  • Fusible fire suppression ceiling links
  • Drop-down material in the length of the aluminum track, plus one inch for overlap (the drop-down length is determined by ceiling to cabinet height).
3. Aisle End Doors:
aisle (1)
An important element to containment is closing the end of the aisle with a door system. The question most asked is which aisle? The answer lies in the design of the room and the natural property of the air. For the most part, hot exhaust air naturally rises after exhausting from the computer. In most cases the hot air requires partitioning above the rack and into a return plenum. The cold aisle or supply aisle is the area that requires a closed end of aisle. This is because cold air is denser. It tends to pool around the floor. As a result the cold air can spill out from the aisle into the ambient room. Thus the number one use of the aisle end door is the cold aisle.
a. Strip Doors:
One low cost option for closing the end of the aisle is the strip door. It attaches to the ceiling on the same aluminum track system as does the Rack Hat partition system. The fire resistant clear vinyl hangs down from the ceiling to the floor. The strip doors can be used in a variety of applications so as to create a partition and still allow access.
b. Hinged Doors:
The hinged doors are designed with the same material as the sliding door system. This door system has no floor threshold so as to cause a tripping hazard. The door has a swing radius of 4 feet. Doors can be ordered to either swing left or right. Bolt to raised floor and attach the top with turnbuckles to the aisle end racks.
c. Sliding Doors:
The Sliding door is a tilt-up door that comes fully assembled in a box. The door is designed to install at the end of the rack row with minimal intrusion to the rack. Simply tilt up, install bolt to the floor and two turnbuckles to the top of the cabinet and door is ready for operation. The no-threshold design is one of the most important features. The all aluminum door supports twin sliding doors that bridge an aisle from 24” to 96” wide. The sliding door system is built strong with heavy gauge aluminum. The silver aluminum and black molding complement most rack systems.
Installation is Easy: Installation is easy. The door comes fully assembled. Merely tilt the door up into place. Attach two bolts on each side of the threshold into the raised floor. Next attach the wired turnbuckles at the top of the door onto the top of the aisle end cabinet. The door is designed to support the weight on the two threshold stanchions. In a short while the aisle end door will prevent thousands of dollars of cold supply air from spilling into the room.
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